Wholesale T240 Cotton Loft Comforter, White, King

T240 Cotton Loft Comforter, White, King – Get Discount

T240 Cotton Loft Comforter, White, King

cozy cotton comforter

Product Features for T240 Cotton Loft Comforter, White, King

  • Warm and Soft
  • Hypo Allergenic
  • Care Instructions: For Best Results Dry Clean; Machine Wash on cold Gentle Cycle; Do not bleach; Tumble dry low heat
  • All natural
  • Wont overheat

Very warm and I’m allergy free

Product Description for T240 Cotton Loft Comforter, White, King

88-Inch by 104-Inch- 240 Thread count 100-percent Cotton Loft Comforter, Cotton Cover, Cloud Stitch, Cotton Loft Cotton Fill, Exclusive Chemical Free Technology, In partnership with Cotton, INC. Cotton Is King: Cottonloft is a naturally lofted cotton fill that has the same warming properties as down, but without the overheating. Once you try Cottonloft, you will never want to sleep under anything else. The comforter has a 240 thread count 100-percent Cotton Cover, and is filled with 30 Oz per sq see more ..

wow, What an Amazing feeling

I can’t believe how great it feels. I washed it at cold, delicate setting on a big front loading washing machine. I dried it for 2 hours on low heat setting. Every 15 minutes or so I took it out and moved it around so it dries evenly. it came out as it was like new. no shifting on the cotton padding at all. the feeling at night is amazing. there is not one bit of sweating while under this comforter. I bought the cotton loft mattress pad as well and did the same treatment. now I am between full c

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