Best price Merlot Twin Full Staircase Bunk with 3Drw

Merlot Twin Full Staircase Bunk with 3Drw – Best Price

Merlot Twin Full Staircase Bunk with 3Drw

Great Furniture Well Constructed

I was unsure about ordering this since there were no reviews. I have no regrets with either the merchandise,, or Dreamscape Furniture. The furniture actually looked better in person than in the pictures. Assembly was straight forward and fairly simple – I did strip out the heads of 2 screws but that was entirelly my fault, Home Depo here I come. I did not time myself but I did not hurry either. I purchased this for our grandchildren and they loved it, they even went to bed early the f

Product Features for Merlot Twin Full Staircase Bunk with 3Drw

  • Twin over Full Bunk
  • 3 Drawer Unit Included
  • 100% Solid Pine
  • Complete slat kit included, no bunky board needed.

The best kids’ bed ever

We bought this for twin granddaughters’ (5 yrs old) overnight visits, and it has been a big hit. A good design feature worthy of note is the stairs. When shopping we saw others with stairs that went all the way to the top, whereas this one the top step requires climbing onto the top bunk. As it turns out this is a fairly desirable feature, for safety. There is a rule somewhere that says kids will stand on anything they can get up to. The top couple steps on some other beds we saw could be a fall

Great Bed!

We bought this bunk bed for our 6yr old and 3yr old and they love it. We love it because they are sleeping all night in their own beds! LOL. Delivery was nice because they put it right in the garage so I my wife could accept the the delivery and I did not have to miss work. We looked all over at bunk beds and couldn’t find one at our local furniture stores with stairs. If we did it was 1,000 plus. The price was right at $899. It’s well made and the stairs are sturdy. Made out of pine not partica

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