Best Deal Country Style Natural Finish Full over Full Bunk Bed

Country Style Natural Finish Full over Full Bunk Bed – Best Deal

Country Style Natural Finish Full over Full Bunk Bed

Good solid bed need elbow grease to assemble

I just got this bed this weekend. Overall, I think it is well designed and engineered. There don’t see to be enough room between the lower berth and upper berth. My head will hit the upper berth when I sit on the lower berth. (I am 5’9″)

The assembly is another story. There were few holes that were not straight. And the some of the wood bolts are very hard to screw in with the tiny Allen wrench provided. I am lucky I have some power tools to modify the holes and to tighten the bolts. You will n

Product Features for Country Style Natural Finish Full over Full Bunk Bed

  • Full over full bunk bed
  • Lathe turned posts
  • Knotty pine finish
  • Easily converts into two full size beds
  • Full Bunk Bed: 81″ X 58″ X 60″H

Great for Games

I have two twin boys and just relocated to a smaller house after a messy divorce. They now have to share a room so I thought I’d get them a nice big bunk bed so they can have more room for activities. They absolutely love it. It took some hassle to set up, but after a few days, it looks great! They bounce around on it all the time and generally wreck havoc in their room. This bunk bed sure can take a beating. It’s perfect for all sorts of bunk bed games. They swing on the ladder, bounce up and d

Watch children carefully

It’s a beautiful bed! It’s just not supported enough. We’ve had this bed since the spring and it has been broken twice. My husband has had to reinforce it with extra boards. So far the problem has been the bottom bunk. But we have been extra careful on the top one. We have 3 children: 6,4 and 3. And the first time it broke, my 6 yr old did a cannon ball on it, when the top wasn’t in place yet. The second time it broke we were playing a family game of tag and the bed got in the way, lol. I don’t

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